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 Premier PLUS Online Education 

Aquatic Play Features: 

How to deal with: cloudy water, high make-up water bills, high sanitizer/oxidizer consumption, very short filter runs, maintaining  automated control systems, management of water and of water chemistry, chlorine & chemical addition issues, filtration & circulation  concerns, play feature operational considerations & usage of chloramines & stabilizers. $60.00.

Aquatic Risk Management:

The Law and the Aquatic Professional – Factors that help determine merit of a personal injury case are explained, case studies, aquatic risk management - best practices are shared, implementing a risk management plan – Identifying, evaluating & managing risks, costs, liability issues 7 legal mandates (codes and regulations) & Emergency Response Plans (ERP). $60.00. 

Certified Pool Inspector

Certified Pool/Spa Inspector™ (CPI™). RESTRICTION LIFTED. The prior restriction on CPI class requiring a valid CPO certification has been lifted. The CPI class is NOW OPEN TO ANYONE. Provides standardized training for health officials & pool operators. Learn basis for code requirements. ONLINE CLASS-$299.00. CERTIFICATION is students responsibility-$115.00 additional. Paid after completion of online class.

Emergency Response Planning: 

Understand an ERP and what is required, Effective communication during high-stress situations, Facility Layout & available equipment, Aquatic emergencies, Pool fecal matter emergencies, Weather & natural disaster response, Other emergency action  situations & Aquatic Hazard Communication Plan in accordance with OSHA 1910.1200. $60.00.


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