Premier PLUS Online Education 

Aquatic Play Features: 

How to deal with: cloudy water, high make-up water bills, high sanitizer/oxidizer consumption, very short filter runs, maintaining  automated control systems, management of water and of water chemistry, chlorine & chemical addition issues, filtration & circulation  concerns, play feature operational considerations & usage of chloramines & stabilizers. $50.00.

Aquatic Risk Management:

The Law and the Aquatic Professional – Factors that help determine merit of a personal injury case are explained, case studies, aquatic risk management - best practices are shared, implementing a risk management plan – Identifying, evaluating & managing risks, costs, liability issues 7 legal mandates (codes and regulations) & Emergency Response Plans (ERP). $50.00. 

Certified Pool Inspector

Certified Pool/Spa Inspector™ (CPI™). RESTRICTION LIFTED. The prior restriction on CPI class requiring a valid CPO certification has been lifted. The CPI class is NOW OPEN TO ANYONE. Provides standardized training for health officials & pool operators. Learn basis for code requirements. ONLINE CLASS-$50.00. CERTIFICATION-$30.00 Paid after completion of online class.

Emergency Response Planning: 

Understand an ERP and what is required, Effective communication during high-stress situations, Facility Layout & available equipment, Aquatic emergencies, Pool fecal matter emergencies, Weather & natural disaster response, Other emergency action  situations & Aquatic Hazard Communication Plan in accordance with OSHA 1910.1200. $50.00.


Personal Protection Equipment: Goal: Protect employees from work-related illness & injury. 

Objectives: 1. Determine PPE required for a particular job. 2. Inspect PPE for defects before an emergency occurs & 3. Understanding needs PPE. $19.95.

Sexual Harassment for Managers

The goal of this course is to train managers to recognize, to report and to prevent incidents of sexual

harassment in the workplace. Conduct that might appear harmless to one person could be

harassment to others. $19.95.

Sexual Harassment for Employees

The goal is of this course is to train employees to recognize, to report and to prevent incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination. $19.95.